Task 3- My Studio Skills

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Firstly, task 2 went very well setting up the studio. There were a few issues such as taking out equipment from the loan shop, which meant that setting up took a bit longer than expected. But overall the day went well, and we learned a lot about time managing and how long we will have to set up on the day.

Now, onto task 3!

For this task I decided to do a Powerpoint Presentation to show my role as the P.A in the group. This did not go totally according to plan. As I completely forgot that with the first task, the problem was that there appears to be no programme that allows you to upload Powerpoint as a video, and thus after I had completed the task I was stuck for where to upload it! After many failed attempts at downloading software for the Mac, I gave up and started again on Windows. Once I had re-done the Powerpoint there I  Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro and that enabled me to upload the Powerpoint to YouTube. However, the Wondershare I downloaded was only a trial version, as the real one costed a hefty amount! As a result of this, the presentation comes up with a little “Evaluation Copy” logo in the middle.

I felt that the Powerpoint gave an accurate and detailed description of my job,  showing exactly what I do and how I do it. The background song is Bob Marley  ‘Time will tell’. Chosen because the lyrics include the word “time” and as I am the P.A i felt it was quite fitting! Also because it is a great song and one of my favourites.

Here is my Task 3 video:


Reflection 2

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So far- this module has been very fun. I greatly enjoy working with my group and am coping a lot better with my P.A role. We have had a few issues with things such as the loan shop, and booking out equipment, but have overcome them. We have had a lot of run-through of the piece and I feel confident that the Gents Show will run smoothly on Thursday. I admit that I have missed a few rehearsals for this project, due to last-minute time-table changes I have been un-able to make it to rehearsals or had to leave early in a few of them. However this had not affected my performance and am still 100% on top of my role.

As my job is pretty straight forward I have personally not run into any problems. However as a group we have had a few to overcome, such as lights not working and various microphones not picking up sound. This has all been overcome now, and I think we are all very happy with our roles and comfortable with what we are doing. The relationship between everyone in the gallery has certainly improved, and I think that everyone is comfortable with each other enough to be able to joke and have fun but also get on with the show professionally.

How I’m doing so far…

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At first I thought the role of P.A sounded terrifying, and that I would not be able to cope with the responsibility of having to deal with the running order of the show. However as I have had more and more practise at this it seems I can in fact do it! Where as the times are still a bit daunting, and I sometimes slip up in rehearsals I am completely confident that it will go well on the day- which is in 2 days, eek! I feel that the group has bonded very well, and we are able to take the task seriously but also have fun making it at the same time. This is very good, as it would be horrible to work in an uncomfortable and stressed atmosphere the whole time!

Reflection 1. Everyones roles.

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After we were put into groups- we then discussed what sort of magazine show we should create. Many different topics were bantered around,  but we finally settled with ‘The Gents Show’ We wanted to make a magazine show that was specifically directed at men, with lots of fun challenges and conversations. The choice of presenters was decided quite quickly after a few test runs. We decided that Jim and Tim had the best on-stage relationship and their banter was hilarious, and so they were presenters, later joined by Natalie. Natalie was the 3rd presenter as we decided there should be a female presenter also, to balance it out more. Even though it is the Gents show we thought that having Natalie in would be comical if she appeared more ‘manly’ than the men.
Everyones roles!:
David Toms
Jake Humbles
Gov Chima
VT Producer
Shaun Jacques (Coventry)
Visual Mixer
David Johnson
Sound Mixer
Adam Broome
Emma Bakowicz
Samantha Louise Soane
Floor Manager
Jim Peakman
Timothy Aaron March
Natalie Morley
Researcher/ Presenter
Abu ‘Freddie Mays’ Mukid
Camera 1
Sam Davies
Camera 2
Gergana Todorova
Camera 3

Original Cabinet of Curiosities and Letter to self

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My Cabinet of curiosities can be seen at this address http://jambodann18.blogspot.com/

My Letter to Self

This time next year I wish to be much more advanced within the Media field, and to have a far greater understanding of the technical side of the course, getting a lot of hands on experience with equipment and editing software.  I want to be able to do a lot more independently and be able to get myself organised enough so that I can work when I need to, instead of using all my free time to constantly tidy up my room and then spin around on a chair for several hours.

I would like to have produced a piece of work that looks of a professional or high quality, so that I can be proud of how far I’ve come since the start of the course.  I am hoping that by now I will still be in Uni and not have dropped out, and that I still have all my friends etc from secondary school, as well as a lot of equally cool ones at Coventry.  I want to have finally read the whole of Trainspotting, as I’ve been pottering around with it for far too long now and need to actually finish the whole thing. However I tend to adopt a Scottish accent after reading each chapter, so I need to brace myself for a change in nationality after I finish the book…

I will be moving into University in under a week’s time, and am currently feeling a bit worried. Not worried so much about going up there, but more the fact of not knowing quite what to do when I get there…it is a surreal feeling, and I hope I’ve overcome it by the time I am re-reading this letter!  At the moment it appears that no-one has any money, I hope that’s slightly improved in a year’s time and things are on their way to getting better.  I hope when I’m reading this that I’ve managed to budget my money quite well and not spent it all on items with “COVENTRY” written on them in the shops.  I also hope that I’ve been a member of some form of society, maybe a media or martial arts one, or something weird and interesting.

Ju:On reviews- Old Lady in White and Girl in Black

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What I found about Old Lady in White was that it had much more of a stronger plot than Girl in Black, although still was not very clear or thorough. I also found that what was most scary about the film were the bits that you did not see. Such as where the suspense was built up greatly and then the scene cut, leaving it up to our own imaginations of what had just happened. However, the horror parts that we did see were quite distressing due to the fact that the face you could see was so haunting. This was more so in The Old Lady in White, accompanied by the horrific noise (in both films) which strikes the audience with fear and sends a chill up your spine. A key difference that I found between the films, (mostly judging by the audience’s reaction) was that Old Lady in White had moments in it that were unintentionally funny. However because people found some scenes amusing, such as where the old lady holds the basketball, this broke the tension throughout the film and caused some un-deliberate comic relief.

Certainly in the case of Old Lady, it was the shock value that scared people the most. What I found interesting was that each kill throughout that film was just as scary as the last one, despite the audience knowing what is going to happen and what the creature looks like. The new ways in which she killed were more brutal each time, and it’s the suspense of seeing the Old Lady which keeps us on our toes throughout the film. The way the film was shot is often quite simplistic, showing close-ups on the Old Lady’s face as well as her victims, to exaggerate the facial expressions on them both.

The two Ju-On films themselves aren’t very psychologically scary, but they make up for them by having plenty of visually disturbing “jumping out” scenes, which makes people jump back in their seats each time. I think something that frightens the audience most about these films is the use of children. As children are generally seen as innocent and sweet, when displayed in a different “evil” light it switches around our perception of them and makes us feel scared. Another key part for both films is the music that accompanies them, as it is this which builds the tension and sets the mood for the scene. Most of the music in the films is orchestras playing with a loud string and brass section, which makes what the viewer is watching even more intense. Personally when I went to bed after watching these films I was staring at a dark corner of my room for some time, convinced that something would emerge from the shadows!

Untitled (Possibly because I cannot remember the title!) Film about the Lebanon/Israeli war

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A documentary created by someone in Lebanon who felt that the system there was corrupt and barbaric. In the documentary we see slides of different images that relate to the words “Peace and War” showing images of famous historic icons such as Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandella.  This hard hitting documentary mainly featured a scene in which we see a man laying on the floor with his leg cut off, screaming in the middle of the road and on looking soldiers pay him no attention. The film was all shot on a hand held camera; with no intention of making it look ‘Hollywood’ style quality. It was created with the objective of getting the audience to see how some people are treated, by showing them scenes of unspeakable brutality. The footage allowed the viewers to see some horrific scenes of what man kind does to itself, and by not editing/censoring any of the footage we get to see firsthand what life is like for some people who have it rough.